Thursday, February 12, 2015

Moving Too Fast

Last night, I discovered that the Last Five Years soundtrack is on Spotify. As I won't have the CD until March, I've been listening to it on Spotify for the past 24 hours or so. As many of you may know, I'm obsessed with anything Jeremy Jordan does...and I can't wait to see his face on the big screen! 

It's impossible not to strut while listening to this song and walking to class. #idareyoutotry

I rather enjoyed both of my classes today. I'm a bit nervous because I have a presentation in my Scottish Women class next now you know what I'll be doing for the next few days! Unfortunately, I left the book that I needed for my second class in my room this morning so I had to walk all the way back and get it (this is not just me being lazy, I swear; it took 40 minutes of my two hour lunch break). I was, however, so happy to see my room looking spotless...the cleaning lady came this morning, so now my room is beautiful and sparkling (Linda is a sweetheart!).

I was hungry (from all that walking, obviously) so I got a sandwich and a fruit cup and a tea at Pret. It was honestly the best sandwich I've ever eaten; it had ham, butter, and baby pickles. It sounds a bit strange, but it was so delicious! And I'm still impressed that all the fruit cups over here have kiwi and mango in them.

After my classes were finished, I met up with Lucy for tea at Costa. Then we simply walked around St Andrews. Lucy showed me a tree that was planted by Mary Queen of Scots; to saw I was awestruck is definitely an understatement. 

I actually made tortellini with pesto for dinner, but I was so hungry, I didn't even stop to take a picture of it. I'm hoping to get some reading done this evening, before settling in to watch a movie or a TV episode. xx 

Best way to make yourself feel better about the day?
Stripes and red lipstick.

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