Thursday, March 12, 2015

My Family is Here!

I can't help but be happy today because my family arrived in St Andrews and I am now officially on spring break!

Cute airport selfie from the family
I had classes today, but I could barely concentrate because of knowing that my family was on their way to see me! I treated myself to a proscuitto mac & cheese and a slice of carrot cake at Pret today to celebrate making it halfway through my classes with good marks!

After class, I headed straight to my parents' hotel and actually ran into my dad bringing the suitcases in. (My classes are on the same street the hotel is.) It was so amazing to see them after so long! 

My family and I met up with Lucy for dinner at a beautiful restaurant called Forgan's. The food was delicious, but the best part was my family and my British bestie finally getting to meet. I felt so blessed to be surrounded by people that I love. Lucy and I also giggled over trying to imitate each other's accents...

Beef bourguignon...YUM!
Raspberry ice cream from Janetta's for dessert
My favorites <3
My favorite moment of the night, however, might have been in the car on the way to drop Lucy off at her house, when Lucy, Hannah, and I managed to recite a line from one of our favorite musicals ("But it's death for Bonnie and Clyde") with the same exact timing and accent...

After hanging out at their hotel for a little bit, Dad drove me back to my dorm (5 minute drive > 30 minute walk) so that I could finish packing. It's time for bed now so I can meet them at their hotel for breakfast tomorrow! xx

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