Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Best Day

Okay who recognized that the title of this post is also the name of a song by Taylor Swift? I just couldn't help myself.

Today was just one of those days when everything goes right and you get tons accomplished. Of course, the fact that I wore red lipstick also made today better.

I actually got out of bed at 8:30am (I know that shouldn't be an achievement, but it is) and made it into town fairly early. I did some reading while eating lunch at Pret before running a few errands and stopping into the library to return some books and say hi to my friend, Susannah.

After that, I went to the Byre Theatre (a gorgeous place I can't believe I didn't go before today) to see Lucy sing in a recital. She was incredible and luckily for you, I filmed it! (Seriously, she's so talented.)

I went to Starbucks and got a raspberry blackcurrant frap to celebrate this gorgeous weather while finishing my reading. After that, I somehow ended up in H&M...

Today was also incredible because I got offered a job with my school newspaper for the fall and an internship back home this summer. In addition to all of that, I got to Skype with Lauren!

For dinner, I made chicken fingers and smiley face fries because such a good day deserves a fantastic finish. Oh, if only every day could be like today! xx

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