Thursday, April 23, 2015

All I Know Now!

Today turned out to be an incredible day! I was on my way into town at 9:20am (yes, earlier than I'm typically out of bed) because my favorite YouTuber and West End actress and now author Carrie Hope Fletcher's book came out today! I went into Waterstones and bought two copies (one for me, one for Hannah) much to the amusement of the staff. I started reading while eating a lovely breakfast at Pret.

I tweeted this and Carrie favorited it.
As if my morning wasn't perfect enough already.
I went to my last Scottish Women class and then headed back to Pret for some lunch and more reading...I finally took a break from devouring the chapters to check my email and found out that I'd been awarded the Lumen Prize! I've mysteriously hinted several times at an application I was working on and I can now firmly say that I have been awarded the Lumen Prize from Elon University to aid me in my thesis research.

After my last Life of the Mind class, I headed to the Union where I spent several hours drinking tea, eating a celebratory slice of Victoria sponge cake, and reading!

For dinner, I got Indian food to go and brought it back to my room. I finished Carrie's book (yes, in less than 12 hours!) and cried. I'm so so proud of how much she has accomplished and I think it's such a blessing that this book exists. It's basically a manual on how to "grow up gracefully" and be a positive and happy person. I wish I'd had this book when I was in high school! I can't wait to give it to Hannah. (I'll be filming a full review tomorrow.) 

To top off an already incredible tonight, I just found out that Killian Donnelly, my most favorite actor of all time and the one who sent me the lovely letter last month, got cast in the leading role of Kinky Boots which is transferring to London in September. It's been a big day for me, my favorite actress, and my favorite actor!

Check out yesterday's vlog below. xx

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