Saturday, April 25, 2015

So St Andrews: Balls and Polo

So sorry I didn't upload a post yesterday. By the time I got back last night, I was far too tired to post anything! 

Yesterday was our North Haugh Hall Ball! Agnes Blackadder and Andrew Melville halls combined to throw an incredible party, complete with free cupcakes and Janetta's ice cream. Lucy came over to go to the ball with me and to get ready and eat dinner before it. 

One of the best things about the ball was that it was held in between the two halls which meant that we could go back and forth from my room for touching up makeup, etc. At one point, when we were taking a break from the party, Lucy sang and acted out "Popular" from Wicked in my tiny little room. It was an impressive feat! 

I wore my new H&M dress!
Ali, Christina, Lucy, and me
Silly bestie selfie featuring the weird lighting in the marquis
Lucy and I realized that without meaning to, we dressed quite a bit alike! We decided that she looked like Blair Waldorf from "Gossip Girl" in Season 1, when she was dating Nate Archibald, and I looked like Blair when she dated Carter (Sebastian Stan's character)!

I had a fantastic time at the ball and I'm especially glad that I got to experience it with my British bestie.

However, today I had to be up early to go to the St Andrews Charity Polo Tournament. Lucy is on the polo team but wasn't playing today, which was great because she could explain what was going on. From what I could tell though, polo tournaments are more about drinking and socializing than actually watching the game (which, of course, works for me!).

It was a beautiful day out, but very cold and windy which definitely made me regret my decision not to wear tights! It was so fun to meet lots of Lucy's friends and run into people that I knew. I've also know completed my trifecta of very British sports experiences: rugby, cricket, and polo.

We found a red carpet!
How much more St Andrews can you get? However, by the end of the tournament I was so tired and ready to get back to my room. After relaxing for a while, my flatmates asked me if I wanted to order Chinese food with them and some of their friends who were over (one of whom is actually in one of my classes; St Andrews is a small small world) which I readily agreed to. Oh how I've missed chicken fried rice. After dinner, we ended up playing Cards Against Humanity until midnight!

I've had a fantastic but exhausting weekend thus far and I'm looking forward to spending tomorrow relaxing and watching Netflix. xx

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