Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Lunch with a Friend and Finding Carrie's Book

Today I met up with my friend, Susannah, for lunch at Bibi's Cafe. You might remember it as the place that I ate with friends on Easter Sunday...and I couldn't help but get the Greek platter again. This time, Susannah and I decided to split it...and get milkshakes.

"mint condition" milkshakes
I spent the rest of the afternoon working on reading in Starbucks. I couldn't get over my craving for chips (or French fries to us Americans), so at 7pm I packed up my things and headed down to Cromars to buy some. I passed Waterstones on my way...and saw that they'd already but Carrie Hope Fletcher's book which comes out tomorrow in the window display!

(I went into the shop early in the afternoon to check with them that they were getting in a big shipment. The guys who worked there seemed pretty amused by my obvious fangirling.)

the face of pure excitement 
I happily ate my chips on the way back to my dorm and enjoyed the looks of envy from everyone I passed. I made myself proscuitto-wrapped asparagus for dinner and have been working on editing videos since then. Check out yesterday's vlog below. xx

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