Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Hanging Out at the Gateway

Some days when I don't feel like going into town but I also want to actually leave my room, I go hang out at the Gateway Cafe because it's only a ten minute walk away. They have food and tea and free wifi, so what more could I need?

This morning, however, I had to delay my walk over there for a little while to wait to see Alfie Deyes (one of my favorite YouTubers) on a morning show. It was well worth the wait!

In the time that it took me to read Descartes's "Discourse on the Method," I ate a jacket potato and drank four cups of tea. #oops

Jacket potato with bologanise  

It had to be a good day, I suppose, because I was wearing my flannel Lauren gave me before I left....without a jacket! It's gotten quite warm here these past few days which has been lovely!

I made vegetable samosas (not from scratch, good heavens) for dinner and watched an episode of Poldark before continuing to read about Descartes. Overall, a very lovely and productive day. xx

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