Monday, April 6, 2015

Professional Fangirl

Today I wore my "Professional Fangirl" shirt (a Christmas gift ordered from YouTuber Tyler Oakley's website) and it turned out to be an appropriate day to wear it. I got responses on Twitter from George Blagden (Grantaire in the Les Mis film, Athelstan on the TV show Vikings) and Brent Bailey (Alex Knightley on Pemberley Digital's Emma Approved)! 

I had a lovely lunch at Pret followed by several hours working at Starbucks, before a grocery run on my way home.
Minestrone soup...yum!

Hazelnut chocolate cream frap in honor of this glorious warm weather! 
After another lovely dinner of proscuitto-wrapped asparagus and a long Skype session with Nupur, I'm all tucked up in bed to watch the Les Mis movie. (I asked Twitter if it was a good idea...George Blagden said yes, so now I have to watch it! Goodnight everyone! xx

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