Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to all those who celebrate! I went to three services within 24 hours, including Lucy's confirmation service last night.

Thank you, Easter Bunny! 
Thank you Aunt Mary Jo and Uncle Wayne!
I went to the 11am service at St Salvators Chapel, through the university, this morning with Christina. I actually really enjoyed it: the church was beautiful and the sermon (given by the university chaplain!) was incredible. After services, we met up with Emily for lunch at the adorable Bibi's Cafe. I had a Mediterranean platter and a Nutella Oreo milkshake...yum!

I met up with Lucy to go to 5pm mass with was her first time after being confirmed taking communion so I didn't want her to be by herself! After, we went and got sushi together. It was so yummy...I didn't even realize how much I missed sushi! Then, we went to a cute pub to have a drink and ran into some friends of Lucy's who we had a nice chat with (ended up finding some fellow Taylor Swift fans and discussing her music).

Even though I really missed my family, it was a fantastic Easter! xx

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  1. Thanks Colie, we missed you too!! happy for your wonderful friendships to have Easter with!