Friday, April 17, 2015

I'm Free!

Today, I finished editing and turned in my last essay! I decided to spend a very relaxing afternoon in town. After eating lunch at Pret, I went for a walk around one of the town's cutest bookshops, Toppings & Co. Then I decided that it was worth waiting in line to get Janetta's ice cream, a St Andrews classic. I took a walk around town while eating my mint chocolate chip and it was nothing less than magical.
my outfit today made me feel like taylor swift 
pret lunch

cathedral & janettas: classic st andrews 
Then I spent a couple of hours at the Union Cafe, drinking tea and messing around on my computer. It was so nice to actually just take some time to unwind.

After grocery shopping, watching some YouTube, eating dinner, and Skyping my family, I went out to the Union for a few drinks with Christina...and then we ended up in Dervish with pizza. Overall, an incredibly liberating and relaxing day that I hope is an indication of what this weekend will be like! x

Dervish pizza

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