Saturday, April 18, 2015


Today was the most glorious day. For the first time in as long as I can remember, I didn't have a crushing amount of work so I spent most of the day relaxing (okay, I admit, at one point I caved and did one of my readings even though I'd said I was going to take the entire day off).

This morning, I didn't actually get out of bed until which point I brushed my teeth, made some tea and a sandwich, grabbed my computer with Thursday night's episode of Reign, and got back into bed. I did accomplish some things I'd been meaning to do today (catching up on TV, watching a movie I've been wanting to see, and clearing out some of the photos on my phone so that it has more storage space, filming a video). It was so nice to actually relax for once.

This evening, I met up with my JSA friends to get Indian food for dinner. One of the restaurants in town has a fantastic student take-away meal deal where you get a starter, a main course, rice, naan, and a poppadom for just seven pounds. We took it back to one of my friend's flat to eat and ended up talking for hours. Christina and I didn't get back to our hall until midnight!

Potato fritters
Afgani curry chicken
Strangely, despite the fact that I relaxed today I'm super sleepy. Plus I need my sleep because tomorrow, I'm going to see my first cricket game! xx

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