Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Making YouTube Videos

It's kind of felt like I've had these past few days "off" since I only have reading for one class to do. I've been filling my extra time...with making YouTube videos. I really quite enjoy making them even if not many people watch them!

Today, I spent several hours at the Student Union Cafe, doing reading and working on editing videos. After I finished that, I bought myself a St Andrews t-shirt from the Union shop and then got some groceries before heading home.

yum yum minestrone 
treated myself to a scone!
While making my mini-pizza for dinner, I burned my arm a little bit on the oven...oops. So that wasn't fun! I spent the rest of the night editing more videos and catching up on TV. I'm quite excited for tomorrow, because I'm having lunch with a friend. xx

Some videos I uploaded today:

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