Sunday, April 19, 2015

What Even is Cricket

This morning, I actually got up at a semi-decent-ish hour to go meet up with Emily and Natalie to watch a bit of Christina's cricket game. We ended up not staying long as there was no one to sit, it was cold, and we had no clue what was going on. But we tried!

After hanging out in my room for a bit to warm back up, I headed into town where I claimed a table at the Union Cafe and worked on things for a few hours. I watched some YouTube videos, got some reading done, and edited a video that I put up earlier.

a sunday afternoon treat
I got back to my room around 8pm and have just been chilling and watching YouTube videos since then. I've been feeling a bit poorly since this afternoon so I just made some tomato soup for dinner. It was quite nice to be able to take the night off from doing anything productive.

Tomorrow, I'm getting up early to go to Dundee with Christina and tomorrow also starts my week of daily vlogs! xx

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