Thursday, May 21, 2015

I Capture the Castle

As my time at St Andrews is dwindling to a close, I'm rushing to see as many of my friends as possible and do all the things I never got around to doing. Thus, today Lucy and I went to the St Andrews Castle. It was an important site during the Protestant Reformation but today it is mostly ruins. The exhibit before you actually head out to the castle was a bit laughable to be honest...lots of figures of people. 

The castle itself was incredible and the views of the ocean were spectacular. We decided to go down into the mine's a tiny little tunnel that you have to crouch to walk through that eventually leads to a steep ladder that lets you into a big open room underground. Basically, the sort of thing that you'd never be allowed in back in my country. Between Lucy's fear of steep stairs and my claustrophobia, it was a challenge but one that we managed. (At one point I almost had a panic attack from feeling so closed in and had to exit the tunnel; bless Lucy for dealing with it so well.) 

rip lucy 
too tall...a problem i've never had 

dungeon photoshoot 

post tunnel trauma
After, we decided to go to one of St Andrews' most well-known restaurants, North Point. Their pancakes were so delicious! It was so crowded, we had to top the window hightop but it was amusing to see all the tourists taking photos as they walked by.

tea for two 
indulgent pancakes because exams are over!

Lucy had a hen party (translation: bridal shower) to go to, so I ended up spending some final time at my much-beloved Starbucks reading a fantastic book on Anne Boleyn.

Rober Hutchinson was my teacher last summer!
It was half-priced frappes from 3-5pm this past week so I got a venti chocolate cream frappe for under two pounds! I will certainly miss these.

I spent much of the evening hanging out with my friend and flatmate, Michelle. As my time here draws to a close, I'm realizing just how much I will miss everyone and the routine that I'd settled into. But what an incredible day today was! xx

I've included an assortment of photos I took on my fancy camera below. #artsy

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